Saturday, October 25, 2008

My first pattern!

I am trying to make a soaker, and I haven't found a pattern that I love - so I am trying to make up my own. This is what I have so far. I am working on the back now and want there to be some room in the behind, so I am trying to figure that out now. I'll post more picks as I go!

Mission accomplished!

I did it, I got better pictures up. I also got some good advice from some friends and think that maybe I can do this, I guess we'll see huh.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here we go. . .finally!

I realized that my pictures for the jewelry aren't very good, so I borrowed my mother in law's camera and now I am trying to get pics on to this computer via my laptop since the card isn't reading in my printer card slot, we'll see if we can get it to work on the lap top!. Wish me luck.
That was a way long run-on sentence! :)

I did it!

My first three things are up now! I am so excited. The pictures aren't very good though. I just used my scanner, so some color is distorted. My nice camera takes pictures that the quality is too high on and my little cameras battery is dead and my charger doesn't work anymore. I did order a new charger, just haven't gotten it yet. When I do I will take better pictures, but I thought I have an open shop I should have a few things for sale.

I have to go make lunch and get Hannah ready for school. After the little girls go down for a nap I will try to get my hats up, I got pictures of them before my battery died.

I'll be back!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The curse of Dail-up!

Sorry, I thought I was good to go, but my internet is too slow for my pictures to upload at etsy. I think that I can get on in the next day or two at my friends place, so we are on hold until further notice.

For Sale!

I am officially open! My Etsy shop is found at

I am also going to post here and this will be my journal for how things are going and current projects. My personal blog is

I am excited about this adventure. I love to make crafty stuff and have toyed with the idea of selling online. I decided to take the plunge! Wish me luck and come back to see what I am up to!