Sunday, August 30, 2009

This makes me so MAD I could spit nails!

Check this out and then please write your congress members and ask them to have this changed: This is ridiculous!

Mattel- the main reason this law was enacted is exempt from 3rd party testing. They are able to offer "their own" testing on site. Which despite them being the biggest toy mfg in the world, and able to afford 3rd party it also gives them an edge which makes them able to "skew" the results as they have in the past. So the big guns who can afford to pay for the 3rd party testing are exempt, and the little people aren't? Well, sadly that is lobbying shown in it's true light.

Please write as many people in your political circle as you can!

here is a link to help you find your reps!


saskia said...

mattel is a bunch of stupid plastic, unimaginative toys that are bad for our environment and our children. It seems all the things that nurture children, are going to the wayside, like all the babies getting formula and all the babies being drugged to be brought into this world and all the video games and tv and stupid plastic toys... and oh boy, I better stop, too early in the morning to offend someone, ha ha- homemade is the way to go, it's sad it's becoming harder for home made mamas!

Krista said...

Thank you for that link. Even though my son is much older, our children's health must be taken into account when it comes to things like toys. I'll be passing it on.

I read your reply to Hope Studio's blog and found you to be very interesting and similar to me. Love the blog!

Jen Wile said...

My husband and I are getting onto board trying to buy USA products with high standards concerning their manufacturing processes. We can't be perfect, but we'd rather do without and buy fewer nicer, safer things for our home AND pump our dollars into American's economy and provide other families that work both in the US and in other countries with fair and appropriate wages. Mattel quite isn't fitting the bill!
I just want to stamp my foot and throw a fit and yell "It's not fair!"
Instead, I'll notify my rep. ;-)