Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My sewing "room" :)

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On a side note, I went looking and I think I figured out how to make ... da-da-da-daaaaa! My Own Button! :) Let me know if it works k?

I took a few weeks off of sewing, and I sure was dreading pulling out all my stuff. Let me tell you why. I have decided it isn't because I don't like to do the sewing, but I because I don't have the room. I have 6 kids and we live in a little 3 bedroom modular home. I don't really have room for all the fabric that I need to have to keep up with the business. here are a few pics of what we live with because I do this...

my sewing table in my living room
the purple suitcases have fabric in them!
These have sweaters for soakers

This is more fabric!
and even more fabric!
This is my wool yarn for soaker ...if only I could find time to crochet!

I try to stay organized, but it is kinda hard with no space. I really love to sew the diapers. I love to see how cute they are when they are done, and I LOVE the hear how much the mama's and babies love them. It is too fun to hear someone say that my diaper is their fave, and that everyone that sees the baby in them thinks they are too cute. I really do enjoy all of it, but the space issue. I hope to someday have a house that is big enough that I can have a room all my own for sewing! :)


IsamarDesigns said...

Wow Vilate! Those are cramped quarters. Good job making it work, mama!

Pickled Pandas said...

That's my situation right there! I have supplies stuffed where ever I can fit them-in the attic, in the closet, in bins around the house...hard to get inspired to work when you have to do a scavenger hunt just in order to get supplies rounded up